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Monitoring Traffic to a Website

Are you confused with some of the jargon used, when people are trying to sell you advertising space on their websites? Well don’t be! When you read or get told “our site receives one million hits a month” think Hogwash! It is the Visit or User Session (individual click through) number you need.

Many online guides cleverly or unknowingly seem to forget the difference between hits, visits or user sessions. They simply quote you the highest, totally misleading, downloaded data figure (known as hits) to show how much traffic their website gets.

Think of it in this way - a Visit or User Session is roughly the same as counting people walking through the door of your local tourist information centre - it is a rough head count. A hit is a record of how much they read and looked at while inside the T.I.C.

A VISIT or user session is when one person uses a computer to visit your website by either typing in your web address or is directed to your website via a link from another site. One person on one computer = 1 Visit

A HIT : Every request for a file used anywhere on a website is described as a hit. Every image and support file is counted in addition to the page requested. If a page has 10 images a single visitor looking at that page will generate 11 hits, 1 for the HTML (home) page and 10 for the images. Search engines generate a huge amount of hits when spidering (robot reading) a website as they find and store every word of text.

Page Views: Also known as impressions are a record of how many pages have been requested and seen by the visitor. No matter how simple or complex the page, when a user clicks on a link and sees a page appears in their browser - that is counted as one page view.

Check yourself: To save marketing money, read the referrals sent to your website from a monitoring log set on your website. No logs are 100% accurate, but they give you an excellent overview of the origin your website’s traffic.

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