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Marketing a Website

A website will not produce results, unless it is correctly marketed in order to attract matching search traffic. A website needs marketing in exactly the same way as a paper brochure was, but now the need is to advertise on several local and national online accommodation guides.

Find suitable online guides by doing search engine matches. We suggest you select several suitable web guides that cover your locality, and also national ones to match your individual type of accommodation. Scatter the seed (your advert) across the internet, in order to reap a crop (guests).

If a matching online marketing guide is constantly high up on page one of a good search engine like Google and using pay per click they are doing a good job. Then regularly monitor your referrals by reading a log set on the home page of your own web site. They are your independent spy; a log will tell you exactly how well an online guide is working for you.

When writing the text for an online advert, you need to put your accommodations bests selling points, think honey trap text, you need to temp the potential visitor to click through and visit your website to see what a great place you have and read detail. Take all free advertising offers up, but only after checking terms and conditions. Some establishments are filling accommodation, especially off season short breaks on eBay; it may work well, but only if the reserve price is set above a break even price. Fun if you want to bring excitement into your marketing and you don't mind who you accommodate.

Advertising online in a popular accommodation directory is without question one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available. The UK tourism trade is increasingly turning last minute away from peak weeks and that fact, should also influence marketing decisions and confirms the need to have a content managed website with a special offer page and an updatable tariff.

Monitoring Logs: Are a gift from heaven to the tourism trade, the power this piece of software gives to accommodation providers in order to target an advertising budget, simply cannot be underestimated. Monitoring logs have removed the pot luck element from advertising.

It is essential to have an independent monitor on the home page of your own website like a FREE  then login and read the referrals regularly. Logs are not 100% but give you a good overview of where your website traffic originates, which marketing site is sending you traffic and more importantly which is not.

Referrals are by far the most important record to monitor, because they show you the origin of where the traffic visiting your web site is coming from. Tracking back through the referrals will show you, if the origin of the visitor was a search engine, what page on the search engine, a website you advertise on, or if it was found through a direct link contact, e.g. a previous visitor who already knows or has been recommended to your website and told its address.

If the marketing website name does not appear often in the referral list on your monitoring log, move your business to another online guide. At some point you will get you're marketing absolutely right, maximum coverage for minimum cost.

We know Britain Accommodation Websites work. Therefore we wish to encourage everybody to get and read their own logs. All marketing websites can do is drive traffic to your website, it is then up to the look of your website and you to convert the visitor into a booking.

The information suggested here is meant to be helpful to the trade, gleaned from experience 11 years of marketing accommodation (both SC and serviced on the web) and 9 years of reading logs. We are in a constantly evolving hi tech marketing revolution. Everything suggested above, is constantly subject to innovation and change.

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